Peaks at the sea shore – Musala Soft, Burgas celebrates its 7th birthday

8 Dec 2020

Peaks at the sea shore – Musala Soft, Burgas celebrates its 7th birthday Peaks at the sea shore – Musala Soft, Burgas celebrates its 7th birthday

Musala Soft’s office in Burgas celebrates its 7th birthday. “Burgas is the first location besides Sofia which we recognized as a place where our Musala heart beats. The beach, the sea, the air – the city’s evident and relentless economic, social and cultural growth – this makes Burgas an inspiring place that gathers curious and intelligent people. In this unusual 2020, in addition to our physical offices, we “opened” our new office “everywhere”. We launched the “Join us from anywhere” initiative and we’re now hiring employees who can work beyond the locations of our physical offices. We invite the cool IT people from Burgas and the region to join Musala Soft“- said Elena Marinova, President and Co-Founder of Musala Soft.

First of all I would like to wish the team and the management of Musala Soft – health, because above all it is the most important thing. This year was difficult, but it let the initiatives show their best. I wish you new clients and new markets so you can create new job opportunities. The IT industry needs local centers like Burgas. I believe that our partnership helps the city continue establishing itself not just as an IT center, but as a prospect of common development which is much greater. I want Burgas to move forward to its next goals together in cooperation with you, the business people, with universities and schools. “   –  the mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov, congratulated the company.

Congratulations from the students and from the team of PGKPI were sent by Dimitrina Todorova, Head of the Vocational School for Computer Programming and Innovations in Burgas: “Happy working anniversary to all the employees of Musala Soft – Burgas! May your inspiration for creating digital wonders be the guide driving your work. Today’s anniversary is another occasion to express our gratitude to you – for the diligence, perseverance and sincere devotion to supporting us in each of our endeavors. We are sure that in the future you will continue to create smart technologies that change the lives of many people, not only in Bulgaria but all around the world. I wish you health and success on the path of inventiveness. Keep being true to professional values, let your endeavors serve as an example to both present and future generations.

The team from the coastal office develops software solutions for clients from all over the world: Generali – Bulgaria, Commerzbank – Germany, IBM – USA, Edoardo Miroglio textile – Italy.

The technological and industrial portfolio includes Cloud projects, solutions in the financial sector and insurance, complete redesign, maintenance and complex migration of IT systems.

Anyone who wants to find out more about the opportunities for work and development at Musala Soft can write to