Senior Developer (Golang) with DevOps Experience


Senior Developer (Golang) with DevOps Experience Senior Developer (Golang) with DevOps Experience

General description

Musala Soft is a leading software services company with a strong track record of success in building innovative enterprise software solutions for multinational organizations around the globe.

We are many professionals from 10+ different nations developing solutions from a variety of geographical locations. The team works with a wide range of technologies in fields like Cloud, IoT, Big Data, AI and ML.

In its long-lasting history the company has worked on 1000+ projects for 200+ clients from different industries  – ICT, Telecom, Finance, Automotive and Public sector.

Join our team and be a part of a dynamic community where innovation, collaboration, and your career aspirations come together to create endless possibilities.


  • Strong knowledge of at least one programming language, preferably Golang
  • Proficiency in Unix/Linux and systems programming.
  • Expertise in networking, including OSI model, protocols (TCP, HTTP, SSH, DNS), iptables, traffic controller, and load balancing.
  • Familiarity with distributed systems, including asynchronous API-based microservices, microservice composition patterns, data consistency, API gateways, and service registration and discovery.
  • Knowledge of security principles, including asymmetric encryption, certificates, mTLS, OAuth2, and firewalls.
  • Database expertise, including relational schema design, normal forms, search query optimizations, and administration (preferably in PostgreSQL).
  • Experience with day-2-day operations.


  • Develop and deliver new features, ensuring the maintenance of infrastructure components.
  • Design, maintain, and operate Diego and container networking services within the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime, prioritizing stability, security, and performance.
  • Contribute to infrastructure bootstrapping topics in the Cloud Foundry environment for the Business Technology Platform.
  • Implement improvements in existing infrastructure components (load balancers, routing services, NAT, jump hosts, etc.) with a focus on availability, reliability, scalability, and more.
  • Troubleshoot incidents related to infrastructure components.
  • Work with different hyperscaler providers (AWS, GCP, Azure) and manage specifics in their offerings.
  • Collaborate with CICD tools like Jenkins and Concourse, as well as source control management systems like GitHub.
  • Utilize experience in monitoring the infrastructure with modern tools like Grafana, Dynatrace, etc.

What we offer

  • Attractive compensation package – competitive salary, provided extended insurance.
  • Baby bonus – in the case of a new family member while you are within the company.
  • Refer a friend program – employees are our most valuable contributors and best ambassadors, therefore we encourage referrals. For each successful referral, there is a monetary reward.
  • Personal development – we support your professional growth with training and development programs, online courses, learning materials and books, plus professional certification opportunities. You get unlimited access to e-learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Pluralsight. We also provide an internal English and German language courses.
  • Work environment – excellent work conditions with a friendly atmosphere and strong team spirit, supported by many company events that enrich our culture.
  • Knowledge-sharing initiatives – we organize different knowledge-sharing initiatives where you can learn about modern technologies, develop new skills, or even participate as a speaker and tutor.