21 years Musala Soft

1 Apr 2021

21 years Musala Soft 21 years Musala Soft

01.04.2021, Sofia. Musala Soft is celebrating its 21st anniversary. Who are we in numbers?

  • 4 physical offices – Sofia, Skopje, Ruse, Burgas and our newest one from 2020 – the World;
  • 500+ impeccable professionals from 10+ nationalities;
  • 1000+ projects in Cloud, AI & BigData & Analytics & Cognitive, IoT, Digital Engagement for 200+ clients from around the world with a focus on ICT, Telecom, Finance, Healthcare;
  • 70+ awards in the fields of Human Resources, Business and Technological Innovation, CSR;
  • An average of 10+ years of successful business with the top 10 of our current clients;
  • 80% of revenue from long-term partnerships with large multinational companies
  • 30% increase in revenue for 2020, reaching BGN 41 million.

For 21 years we have been developing our business in large projects, expanding our team, our technological and industrial expertise. For 21 years we have been focused on investing in people – the most important corporate core that creates the software solutions of the future and constantly increases the value of our business. For 21 years our team has been turning every difficulty into a path that leads to new personal and business achievements, together we are overcoming global and local business and financial crises and pandemics, together we continue to expand our team, together in 2020 we confidently cut the ribbon of the new office of Musala Soft – The world as not just work from home or from a distance, but belonging to the company “from everywhere”.

“We are grateful to all our people – colleagues, clients, partners, friends, with whom we have experienced challenges for 21 years, celebrated victories and with lessons learned, stronger, more capable, more confident, we continue to climb new higher peaks.”- shared Elena Marinova, President of Musala Soft.

We continue to develop, with dedication and unconditional principle in our relationships with clients, partners, friends, and following our values ​​#innovation, #quality, #teamwork, #respect, #impact, #passion.

We present to you Musala Soft 2021, even remotely, still TOGETHER. “We are Musala Soft”.

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