Musala Soft – Ruse turns 6

19 Mar 2021

Musala Soft – Ruse turns 6 Musala Soft – Ruse turns 6


“In March 2021 we celebrate the 6th birthday of Musala Soft – Ruse virtually, but as always – TOGETHER. Over the past year, not only the personal but also the business world has experienced stress, shocks, bankruptcies. Musala Soft was lucky to survive thanks to its portfolio of clients and amazing people. Moreover – to transform processes, practices, communication channels, to attract new customers and projects and to achieve 30% growth in turnover. We are grateful to everyone we work with. Ruse, happy birthday! We expect more colleagues to join us from “The Little Vienna” – at the office or remotely in the mode of “work from everywhere”! – said Elena Marinova, President of Musala Soft.

Musala Soft – Ruse works on national and international projects for large and multinational companies, including SAP, Experian, Deutsche Telekom, BMW, Commerzbank, IBM, Generali, DSK, Perkin Elmer, Attraqt, Guarantee Fund. Our teams in Ruse are engaged with large-scale projects based on Java technologies (JavaEE/Spring Framework, Hibernate, JPA) with monolithic architectures, and when requirements for scalability and distributed computing are in place with microservice architectures. Over the years we have built locally independent teams working on .NET based projects with technologies such as .NET Framework, .NET Core, Entity Framework and others. The Ruse core of QA experts, part of the Quality Assurance corporate division, is focused on automated testing with Selenium, SoapUI and others.

Musala Soft continues to develop its industrial and technological expertise, developing solutions in AI, Machine learning, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, digital transformation with a main focus  – ICT, Telecom, Banking and Finance, Autonomous homes and cars and Healthcare.

Almost all employees of the local team are alumni of “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse and PMG “Baba Tonka”  and actively participate in the IT community in the region. The established partnerships between the company and the best schools in Ruse with training in mathematics, informatics and information technology provide knowledge exchange, student internships in a real business environment, project work, specialized seminars and individual talent development based on the exact sciences.

Anyone who wants to find out more about projects, technologies and development opportunities at Musala Soft in our real offices and remotely from anywhere in the world can write to