Musala Soft awarded for Equality and People Care

19 Jul 2023

Musala Soft awarded for Equality and People Care Musala Soft awarded for Equality and People Care


The strategy for caring for people and a cohesive multinational team brought Musala Soft an award at the annual B2B Media Awards 2023 in the category of Equality and People Care.

‘At Musala, we acknowledge and value the way each individual from our incredible multicultural palette of colleagues contributes to our collective success. That is why the focus of caring for our people is to contribute to the continuous growth and development of each colleague and their personal and professional talents. In this way, we turn every challenge into a new opportunity and conquer new heights,’ shared Yola Luga, Training Manager at Musala Soft.

This is an award for the implementation of the company’s overall strategy for equality and care for people in the context of multicultural reality and complex geographically distributed projects.

The diversity of personalities working together at Musala requires careful planning and organization of the work process, ensuring that each individual has the best possible experience in the company with equal access to resources and opportunities. The company has been successfully managing all these processes for colleagues from over 10 nationalities, uniting them through a strong corporate culture of knowledge exchange and a commitment to continuous development.