Forbes Employer Branding Awards 2023

9 Oct 2023

Forbes Employer Branding Awards 2023 Forbes Employer Branding Awards 2023

Musala Soft is among the finalists in the “Employee Development” category at the Forbes Employer Branding Awards 2023. The category recognizes and awards the best training and development programs for employees, considering career growth opportunities within the company structure, the development of new knowledge, as well as the level of employee satisfaction.

Technology can do a lot for any business, but only if its essence is profitable and people are engaged. At Musala Soft, the focus is on investing in people and their talents, constantly upgrading and creating new initiatives to maintain a strong company culture. Key elements in people care and development include communication, globalization, employee support and motivation at all levels, strong leadership, security and shared values, as well as having fun together. Equality and an individual approach yield results in the overall team success.