Musala Soft’s team is a finalist in the “Manager of the Year” competition 

4 Oct 2022

Musala Soft’s team is a finalist in the “Manager of the Year” competition  Musala Soft’s team is a finalist in the “Manager of the Year” competition 

Musala Soft is among the finalists of the prestigious Manager of the Year awards in the “Team of the Year” category. This was announced during a press conference of the organizers.

“We are proud that we took part in the prestigious competition of Manager magazine, Musala Soft is among the finalists in the most important category for us – “Team of the Year”. The jury evaluates the sharedness of goals and values, cooperation, communication, and creativity – strong directions for which we have been working in the company since its creation” – says Elena Marinova, President of Musala Soft

The dynamic environment of recent years has developed the processes in the teams in various aspects. The working practices from anywhere in the world were upgraded, which naturally increased the cultural diversity and technological expertise in the company. Each of these is a challenge. Accordingly, in recent years the company has been actively working for the integrity, affiliation, and engagement of people, regardless of their physical location. All key processes and teams for discovering, hiring, introducing, integrating, individual support and retention and talent development are upgraded. Additionally, events for intercultural exchange and acquaintance of new nationalities in the company are also included. Active support has also been put in place during the relocation of new colleagues from other countries to provide them with care and security.

Musala Soft noted 2022 with globalization – the international presence in the teams reaches 25%, the employed are of 10+ nationalities, they operate from 50+ locations. Part of the success is due to the expanded business with current and new customers. This is possible thanks to the added value of the company’s services, which are a natural consequence of diversifying teams and opening the world as a global office of Musala Soft.