Automated Information System “Traffic police” by Musala Soft and IBM

30 Jan 2017

Automated Information System “Traffic police” by Musala Soft and IBM Automated Information System “Traffic police” by Musala Soft and IBM

A case study about Automated Information System “Traffic police” has been published at the official IBM website. The full case study can be find at

The project was developed by Musala Soft in cooperation with IBM for the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria, “Traffic Police” department.

Before gaining mobile technology, National Traffic Police relied on tedious paper based manual processes to accomplish everyday tasks like monitoring traffic and vehicle documentation, performing roadside stops, managing accident sites, maintaining a national registry of driver activities and supporting public safety.
Through the use of technology the National Traffic Police improved the planning process and organization of policemen duties as well as the reporting of traffic accidents by utilising a centralised and personalised approach. The software solution provides all process related officers and departments with real-time relevant information and an up-to-date set of instructions while they are on the road. The system collects detailed accident data that is used for policy-making and more effective road accident prevention.
The publication of the Automated Information System “Traffic police” case study is an international recognition for both the effectiveness of the developed solution and the successful cooperation between Musala Soft team and IBM.
“The IBM MobileFirst platform made it easy for developers to set up the project, create prototypes and get the app running.” said Iancho Dimitrov, Strategic Clients & Business Development Director at Musala Soft. Among the components of the solution are IBM Cognos, IBM Informix, IBM Integration Bus, IBM Mobile Foundation, IBM Power7 Systems.