Тhe only Bulgarian company with Ruban d’Honneur recognition

8 Feb 2017

Тhe only Bulgarian company with Ruban d’Honneur recognition Тhe only Bulgarian company with Ruban d’Honneur recognition

Musala Soft is the only Bulgarian company that is awarded with the special recognition Ruban d’Honneur by the “European Business Awards” 2016/2017. 33 000 companies from 34 countries participated at he first phase of the competition. Musala Soft has been awarded as one of the 110 best businesses in Europe.

The award Ruban d’Honneur is awarded to sustainable and growing companies that apply European Business Awards core values – innovation, ethics and success. “At the beginning of the month Musala Soft became a team of 400 professionals. Consistent development of the company is associated with persistence in relations with colleagues, customers and partners, as well as maintenance and development of many factors. We share common values ​​and ethical standards, care for the satisfaction of the people, we create a business with high value added and reliability of services, we exchange knowledge …. We rely on a corporate environment that encourages innovation and develop personal and professional creativity. “– said Delyan Lilov, CEO of Musala Soft.

In January 2017 Musala Soft was declared a national champion in category “Employer of the Year” for third consecutive year. Today the company is on its way to become a world champion, which is determined by public online vote and assessment by a jury of high-level government and business leaders from across Europe. You can vote for Musala Soft at the following link – https://goo.gl/0OWx9O. The voting will be closed on 1st of March 2017.