MUFFIN Conference Niš

12 Dec 2016

MUFFIN Conference Niš MUFFIN Conference Niš

Muffin Conference is an Annual Technology Conference organized by Musala Soft. This year the conference will be held for the first time in Niš.

Welcome on 13.12.2016, 17:30h in Niš in the building of the University of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering.

You can register here for free at

Our lecturers:

Darko Stoilevski, Team Leader at Musala Soft will talk about how to keep components updated with fresh data, have control over the data or state modifications, and keep them in the right synchronized order.

Miroslav Mironov, Expert Training and Education at Musala Soft will go through the most important features that were added to Java in its latest release.

Aleksandar Ubavkov, Site Manager at Musala Soft Skopje will speak about the evolution of Software Project Management and challenges it was facing, short overview of traditional SPM methodologies. Evolutionary solution and the rise of Agile principles, overview of Agile, SCRUM and KANBAN.

See you there!