Smart technologies into the spotlight

18 Mar 2021

Smart technologies into the spotlight Smart technologies into the spotlight


In 2000 we founded Musala Soft Sofia Inspired by our desire to bring together technology and innovation to help big ideas come true. Nowadays, we keep doing it.

Nielsen-Kellerman ( was established in 1978 and now NK is one of the US largest innovative designers and manufacturers of measurement equipment for demanding customers in outdoor business, such as sports, weather, military, etc. NK products are rugged, waterproof, calibrated and provide durability and measurement accuracy.

Musala Soft and NK started their partnership in 2017 when NK contacted us referenced by our expertise in software projects in the field of sports. We started collaboration together in order to bring the world of technologies into a conservative area with years of traditions, such as the professional, academic and hobby rowing. Musala Soft was led by the experience gained through the years in leveraging smart technologies, development of mobile, IoT and cloud solutions, data analysis and user experience.

We have built a strong relationship with NK and they trusted us to build new applications and enhance further their existing ones and thus to expand the software solutions into new business lines, such as weather, professional shooting, etc. The team at Musala Soft is responsible for the end to end delivery of the solution covering all aspects – from business analysis, UI/UX and architectural design, through development and quality assurance (including test automation), to deployment and support of the completed solutions.

The collaboration steadily continues to evolve and expand providing new exciting features and establishing partnership with other platforms on the market.

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