Musala Soft with an award for CSR “Golden Heart”

20 May 2021

Musala Soft with an award for CSR “Golden Heart” Musala Soft with an award for CSR “Golden Heart”

On May 19, 2021, the annual charity and corporate social responsibility awards “Golden Heart” 2021 were presented at an official ceremony. Musala Soft received an award in the category “Education: Training and Development of the IT Sector”. The awards are organized by “Business Lady” magazine, and the goal is to honor successful practices in the field of charity and CSR.

“With every good deed we do, we become even better,” said Elena Marinova, President of Musala Soft. “The focus of Musala Soft’s CSR are innovative, long-term, consistent educational initiatives for the elite education in Bulgaria, the region and the world. Because of the profile of our business, we work with highly educated, creative, constantly learning people. Good education is the rocket-carrier of innovation, we know what is needed for it and we focus our efforts there. Together with our team, we add to this different charitable causes – we are proud of our colleagues who are actively involved in corporate initiatives and give ideas for good deeds that we implement together.”

At Musala Soft, we have been giving to the IT COMMUNITY since our creation and continue to do so with an even stronger spirit during the pandemic – together with the employees we do not stop developing the community and partnering in events for students. Here are some examples:

– Since 2000 we have been organizing CodeIT – the first private international programming competition in the world under the patronage of the President of Bulgaria (video from 20th anniversary edition – ), with the final of the 2021 edition scheduled for June 21.

– We are Co-Founders of eJOI the European Youth Olympiad in Informatics, established in 2017 in Bulgaria. (video: In the previous years, the Olympiad was hosted by Russia, Slovenia, Georgia, and in 2021 the host will be Romania.

– In 2020 we launched “Olympic Heroes – Emotions at the Top”, an initiative for psychological support aimed at students, competitors in the field of Informatics, their teachers and parents, to support their efforts for achieving top results. The project is implemented with the financial support of the company and our employees and its first phase was completed a few days ago.

We thank the entire team of Musala Soft for the positive change that we create together every day, for the shared values ​​and the satisfaction of giving to the community together.