Happy 22nd Birthday to us!

1 Apr 2022

Happy 22nd Birthday to us! Happy 22nd Birthday to us!

Musala Soft celebrated its 22nd  birthday with team diversity and globalization of the company – 700+ professionals from 10+ nationalities working from 53 locations. Musala Soft, a company providing high value-added software services and building software products, has an impressive portfolio of clients. The majority of them are large international corporations and institutions, including: IBM, VMWare, SAP, Experian, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Telenor, A1, Vivacom, DSK Bank / OTP Group, ProCredit Bank, Commerzbank, Generali, BMW, Perkin Elmer, The customs services of the Netherlands, NRA-Bulgaria, Mubadala and others. The company has successfully implemented 1000+ projects for 200+ clients in the fields – integration in the Cloud, Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

The environment of multicultural dynamics created gradually over the years and developed at high speed in 2021 is the “new normal” of Musala Soft. Team diversity, which includes a variety of perspectives, personalities, technical expertise, nations, languages, and religions, creates new opportunities for the team, the organization, and its customers growth. Musala Soft contributes to the progression and development of the IT sectors in Bulgaria and North Macedonia, where the company has a substantial presence. Musala Soft started its journey in Sofia in the early 2000s and has since expanded to Burgas (2013), Ruse (2015), and Skopje (2015). The corporation began employing Latin American personnel in 2018, and the pandemic happened to coincide with a large-scale global expansion. Musala Soft continued its presence with hybrid offices in Pristina, Bitola, Plovdiv, Varna, Cairo, and Alexandria in 2020, officially announcing the WORLD as its new office.

The company proudly functions on an european and global level through its international initiatives such as the CodeIT.bg programming competition (https://codeit.bg/), the work with educational institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Musala Soft has won dozens of national and international awards in the fields of human resources development, business and technological innovation, CSR.

The company is certified according to the international standards for quality management ISO 9001: 2015, security management ISO 27001: 2013, personal data management ISO 27701: 2019 and “Green Certificate” ISO 14001: 2015. Musala Soft is the first in Bulgaria with ISO 26000 – guidelines for social responsibility and holder of TISAX – a trusted provider of services for the automotive industry.

In recent years, our ambition has been to build a truly international company in terms of development centers – just as our clients are global. Today, at the solid age of 22, more than ever each of our 700+ employees is a citizen of the world. The technological and business expertise and the rich client portfolio make us proud every day. Stepping on our history, we are confident and ambitious to overcome challenging periods with a smile, and to celebrate countless small and big successes. We are constantly looking forward to an increasingly global presence and other submissive peaks, after which the next exciting opportunities await us.” – said Elena Marinova, President of Musala Soft.

At the heart of Musala Soft are the values carried by the people. Here is what some of them say about the personal and professional directions and the collaboration of a team from all over the world.

At the heart of Musala Soft are the values ​​carried by the people. Here is what some of them say about the personal and professional directions and the collaboration of a team from all over the world.

Why did you choose Musala Soft?

Stefan Zhelyazkov, Associate Software Architect – Stara Zagora, Bulgaria: After working abroad for a long time, I decided to return to Bulgaria. I wasn’t sure where to start and in what role. A person from Musala contacted me. I was aware of the company and I admired its presence and status in Bulgaria’s software industry. People throughout the application process had an unique attitude towards me – positive and friendly. That made me realize that this is the right place for me.

Ditmir Zhuka, DevOps Engineer – Divjaka, Albania: I chose Musala Soft because I felt it I felt it could provide me with an environment that would help me grow. And these first impressions are always real. I am very excited to work on my projects – in the financial field and technologically on AWS based projects. I provide support to teams and introduce new technologies, thus facilitating their work and helping them to do it faster. I also like to learn some Bulgarian words from time to time.

What is the project you are working on?

Mahmoud Saad, Senior Software Engineer – Cairo, Egypt: I am working remotely on a large-scale project to build an integrated system of private Cloud solutions. I had the pleasure to meet some of the wonderful members of the team during my visit to Bulgaria and I hope to meet the others soon in person. And why not in Egypt 😊?

Butrint Rashiti, Software Engineer from Pristina, Kosovo: I am currently a front-end developer involved in the development of a large internal production management system and internal logistics of Bosch. This is one of the biggest projects I have worked on in my career – we use the latest technologies, the team is experienced and we learn a lot from each other. In my work at Musala Soft, I like the strong mutual help, the real communication between us and the meetings over a drink with colleagues.

What is your favorite adventure with the team?

Altina Yusufi, Talent Acquisition Specialist Bitola, North Macedonia: 

My favorite adventure is seeing how the people I hire succeed and grow in the company. I graduated in psychology and after becoming part of the HR department of Musala Soft I can really say that I found a role that fits and fulfills me as a person and it turned out to be a great experience. I am responsible for finding “our people” and joining our team. Is it difficult? – Yes. Is it boring? – Never.

Jariel Gonzalez, Lead Software Engineer – Santa Clara, Cuba: I am a Lead Software Engineer and come from an island nation where WiFi and mobile data are hard to find… Cuba is a charming republic in the northern Caribbean sea that will take you back in the mid-90s. Working for Musala Soft in Sofia gave me the opportunity to be part of a team with people from different countries and work on a project for a large international company. As a representative of the front-end people in the project, sometimes I want to say something sharper to the Back-end people. But I think this is a classic 😊 My favorite part of my journey with Musala are the discussions in the style of “How to improve your programming skills over a beer.. or two?” and the kayak adventures in Bulgaria.