Five successful years for Musala Soft in Macedonia

23 Dec 2020

Five successful years for Musala Soft in Macedonia Five successful years for Musala Soft in Macedonia

In 2015 we opened the doors of our office in Skopje, where we currently have over 130 employees. It is composed of people with different views, nationalities, technological and business expertise. Their current projects are some of the most challenging and fastest growing IT trends about digital transformation – “Cloud Integration, Augmented Reality, Connected Cars, Smart Home, API Management, BigData, IoT, Industry 4.0”.

“Our teams in Macedonia work on a diverse industry spectrum for influential companies. Over 90% of our customers are companies that create the future – technology giants such as IBM, VMware, SAP, and innovation leaders such as Deutsche Telekom, Commerzbank, BMW, Perkin Elmer, etc. The development of Musala Soft is due to our employees who with professionalism create the strong culture of the company. Thanks to their commitment, in an atypical 2020, together, we have been able to remotely maintain productivity and innovation in operations, as evidenced by the impressive company results.” – said Robert Pavlov, operational director of the company.

Although 2020 was an extremely unpredictable year, it brought many positive changes for Musala Soft. Starting from the financial indicators, the good portfolio of clients to the expansion of the company outside of the physical offices – anywhere in the world.  In the first half of this year, at the group level, Musala has the best financial results in the 20-year history of the company, 45% revenue growth compared to the same period in 2019.

“Dear colleagues from Skopje, have a Happy 5th birthday. Thank you for being part of Musala Soft and contributing to our mutual success every day! Continue being a real inspiration. ” –  said Elena Marinova, President of Musala Soft.  Part of the other factors for the growth of the income is the well-developed processes as well as the start of the new initiative “Work from anywhere”. Besides the four locations with a physical office – Skopje, Sofia, Ruse and Burgas, Musala, following the world trends, Musala started opening new jobs regardless of the place of residence.

In 2020, the dynamics of working changed, so we are hiring employees who can work from anywhere, outside the locations of the office in Skopje.
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