Learn from the Masters by Muffin

A master class by top software experts.
Learn in theory. Practice actively.

Learn from the Masters by <span>Muffin</span> Learn from the Masters by <span>Muffin</span>

Learn from the Masters by Muffin

is a master class tailored to the specific needs and interests of those with basic or little knowledge and experience in developing enterprise software solutions.

This unique opportunity will provide you with a hands-on introduction to programming, condensed academic base with many real-life examples and lot of practice with widespread languages, frameworks and tools.

You will meet masters in Cloud Integration, API Management, Augmented Intelligence, BigData, Digital Engagement, IoT and learn from recognized Olympic teams` tutors.

With a strong experiential approach, Learn from the Masters prepares you for a successful career in the software industry.

Master Class Details

  • Commitment

    Participants will be expected to commit to an average of 10-15 hours per week for classwork and practice.
    Certificates will be issued for those who finish the course successfully.

  • Schedule

    The 2017 summer master class starts on May 12th.
    If you have any questions, please contact masters@musala.com

  • Language

    The Master class and all materials will be in Bulgarian/English.

Our Key Masters for the Class

  • Biserka Yovcheva

    Olympic coach in

  • Miroslav Mironov

    Musala Soft
    Technical Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learn from the Masters?

Learn from the Masters is a unique in its concept ("master class") talent development initiative, focused on building full programming specialists, combining the acquisition of both technological skills and fundamental knowledge in the IT field.

Who is Learn from the Masters for?

The initiative is suitable for all who belong to some of the following groups:

  • Students in their last years of study
  • People who have passed any software development course and would like to go to the next stage of their professional growth
  • Graduates with a strong mathematical profile: civil engineering, physics, finance, etc.

What is studied in Learn from the Masters?

Learn from the Masters will focus on basic programming knowledge, algorithms and data structures as well as on practical learning of industrial software technologies in a real software project environment.

In what language will the lectures be?

The training will be conducted in Bulgarian with some teaching materials in English.

Who are our lecturers?

Bisserka Yovcheva is a university lecturer who has developed a software training methodology and a number of acknowledgments for talent development in the field of programming. She is the Bulgarian coach with the most medalists from national and world Olympiads in Informatics. Bisserka Yovcheva will lead the theoretical modules in Learn from the Masters.
Miroslav Mironov is a software engineer and trainings expert at Musala Soft. He has specialized in algorithms teachings, code design, UX design, mobile development. Miroslav shares his skills also in the form of exercises, public lectures and seminars at Sofia University. He will lead the practically oriented modules.
Boris Strandjev is a Technology Manager at Musala Soft with wide experience in major corporate projects for key Musala Soft clients. As an expert Java, Android and algorithms, Boris will coordinate the specialized seminars and discussions on the most advanced and hot technology areas that Musala Soft focuses on (such as Cloud Integration, API Management, Augmented Intelligence, BigData, Digital Engagement, IoT).