The World is our new office

10 Nov 2020

The World is our new office The World is our new office

With little experience and a lot of enthusiasm, we created Musala Soft in 2000. At the time, we saw our small Sofia office as a door to the world. Our world turned out to be big, so our little office grew. Then we added Burgas, Ruse and Skopje. These four locations are the physical places for collaboration where our Musala professionalism, experience, culture and spirit concentrate. Our places. The heart of the company is where we work, have fun, learn and share knowledge. It is where we celebrate our successes, overcome difficulties and do good. This is the place where each of us is – in the office, at home or anywhere.

In 2020 we are “cutting the ribbon” of Musala Soft’s new office – the World. By embracing the world as our new office, we’re taking an evolutionary step forward. A step with years of preparation behind it.

The most important asset that we have is the Musala Soft mindset – of “citizens of the world”, who have the confidence to overcome technological problems, bringing business challenges on all continents to a successful conclusion. We stand on processes, organisation and IT infrastructure honed to the situation we find ourselves in. That’s why we are connected by 10+ years of successful business with the majority of our clients, including IBM, VMware, SAP, Deutsche Telekom, Commerzbank, BMW and Perkin Elmer. We continue to advance our industrial and technological expertise, developing IoT and Big Data solutions, cloud integrations, AI and augmented reality, autonomous cars and smart homes. Together with, and for, customers all over the world.

We keep following our values and principles with inspiration, with new ideas for the “new together”. Thanks to sustainable behaviour and an innovative approach to people, clients, processes, we enter the “new (ab)normality” prepared. At the beginning of the pandemic we transitioned to “work from home” mode over the course of a single day. Ever since, we have overcome challenges together – balancing work and perosnal time and space in different configurations – large family, quiet corner, kids, pets or the construction work going on at the neighbours. Together we have carried on the culture of continuous learning and self-improvement. We share books, hobbies and free time – we know that learning something new every day, makes us feel good and give us meaning.

The new age changed the dynamic of employees, clients and partners of Musala Soft. But, as a result of the right strategy implemented throughout the years – stable enhancement of company culture, precise selection of employees, established processes, some “secret ingredients”, and a little luck – we have kept going farther and higher. In 2020 we continue attracting new clients, current ones expanded in both technological and team scale. We expect to top the year off with 20% financial growth. And a new office 🙂

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