The New IT High School in Burgas Opening in September 2018

11 Jun 2018

The New IT High School in Burgas Opening in September 2018 The New IT High School in Burgas Opening in September 2018

On June 10th, Musala Soft President Elena Marinova took part in an informative meeting of parents and future students of the Professional High School in Computer Programming and Innovations, opening in Burgas this September.  The company is a member of the Board of Trustees of the specialized IT high school.

The event was attended by Mrs Dimitrina  Todorova, Director of the school and representatives of the Board of Trustees including “Prof. Asen Zlatarov” University and Burgas Free University, Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies, Bulgarian Outsourcing Association and leading IT companies.

Parents and students were informed about all important things related to the opening of the high school, including the curriculum, the subject that will be taught, etc. They were introduced to the functions of the Board of Trustees, the teaching process and the students self-studying routine.

Besides the teaching program and process, the parents and candidate-students learned more about the opportunities for sport activities, the school transportation, canteen, the school dormitory, the international learning and certification in IT and English language, the facilities at the high school and documents needed for application.

“I hope that the best students in Science and Technology from Burgas and the region will come to study at this new professional high school. It is clear that machines will take up our jobs, this is a process already happening. But at the same time, we will need many creative people who to create and develop machines and work the jobs of the future – jobs that are non-existent at the moment but I am sure that Mrs Todorova and her team will prepare the students for those jobs”, said Elena Marinova, President of Musala Soft. The company believes in the benefits of good quality education in Information Technologies and the great results that are achieved when it starts at an early age.

Musala Soft is among the few leading software companies in Bulgaria with its own R&D center in Burgas, opened more than 4 years ago. For that time, the local team of experienced and highly qualified software engineers and system integration specialists has participated in the fulfillment of some of the large scale challenging projects of the company for big multinational corporations. The growth plans of Musala Soft include increase of the local team in the seaside city (the open positions can be found here). Our Talent Acquisition department is ready to respond to all questions related to career opportunities at Musala Soft at: