New CodeIT 2018/2019 Season

19 Oct 2018

New CodeIT 2018/2019 Season New CodeIT 2018/2019 Season

There are only few hours left until the start of the first round of the international programming contest organized by Musala Soft – CodeIT, held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. The official launch of the contest is today, October 19th at 20:00h.

The new season welcomes all participants with treasure hunts and new challenges.

Anyone with non-zero result will receive a t-shirt with this seasons’ adventurous mascot. There are also many other rewards for those with the best results and an exciting meeting with the world-famous IT guru – Scott Wu. He is a three-time IOI gold medalist and was the overall IOI winner in 2014. He went to Harvard, where he won a gold medal at the ICPC world finals in 2016. He previously worked at Addepar, Hudson River Trading, and Jane Street and is now the cofounder of a stealth startup in San Francisco. Scott started competing in programming contests in 2009 and still competes and commentates for fun. His favorite contest algorithm is sqrtN bucketing.

The first round of CodeIT Season 2018/19 (marathon) will be held online for 3 weeks. The round includes one task, for which every participant has to reach the optimal solution compared to the other contestants. “CodeIT not only stimulates the professional development and improvement of the young people involved with programming, but also gives them the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and lay the foundations for future beneficial professional cooperation.” shared Prof. Hristo Beloev, Rector of Ruse University “Angel Kanchev” and patron of the first round of the contest.

You can explore the updated website with the new elements and cute pirates on the link