Musala Soft was a part of the academic year opening at the IT high school in Burgas

5 Sep 2019

Musala Soft was a part of the academic year opening at the IT high school in Burgas Musala Soft was a part of the academic year opening at the IT high school in Burgas

The second academic year in The Vocational School of Computer Programming and Innovations in Burgas was officially opened today. The school’s creation was initiated by the Municipality of Burgas. Guests of the opening were the city’s mayor Dimitar Nikolov and members of his team, representatives of the School board, including Elena Marinova, president of Musala Soft, teachers, students and friends of the IT high school.


The mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov congratulated the students and announced the recent beginning of the construction of a new highly technological building in the school’s campus.


“To be admitted on your first desire in the first round of the classification is a special moment for the seventh graders. I am happy that 89% of the Class of 2019 is admitted on a first desire! – said during the opening ceremony the principal of the school Dimitrina Todorova. The school team members are ready to ensure wonderful school adventures and quality education on programming and technologies!” – added the principal. The new academic year in the school starts with two specialties – “Programming Provision” and “Application Programming”. In the first one robotics, artificial intelligence and computer languages will be taught, while the second one is connected to software engineering and the developing of applications and programs for different computer devices.


Elena Marinova, president of Musala Soft and member of the School board, said during the opening: “I am proud of the IT high school in Burgas. The whole vision of the school is carrying the spirit of the world’s educational tendencies and is adequate to the needs of the industry. A big WELL DONE for the initiative and the support from the Municipality and the relentless and productive work of the principal Dimitrina Todorova”. Mrs. Marinova approached the students by saying: “You have made a wonderful choice – the informatics technologies open up unlimited opportunities for professional and personal development for each one of you. We’ll be expecting you at Musala Soft – Burgas!”.


During the first academic week Angel Georgiev, Musala Soft’s technical training lead, will be visiting the students to discus with them the possibilities for a career development in the company.


Also, during the opening ceremony there was presentation of the mutual development between students and teachers “Interns and employers”. The web application is purposed to help the students in applying for internships with the biggest employers in the IT sphere. The platform is ordered by Municipality of Burgas and is a gift to all the vocational schools in the city.

More photos from the opening HERE.