Musala Soft Ruse turned 5!

11 Mar 2020

Musala Soft Ruse turned 5! Musala Soft Ruse turned 5!

The office of Musala Soft in Ruse celebrated its 5th birthday. 30 software specialists work in the city on national and international projects for big companies such as A1, Generali, Deutsche Telekom, Comerzbank, IBM, DSK, Perkin Elmer and many more. The technological focus of the Ruse team includes .NET and Java developers as well as a local unit of Quality Assurance experts.


“Right now we at Musala Soft are some 500+ highly qualified specialists. Ruse is a part of our strategy of growth and delivering cervices with high added value. We built the hub by the Danube with professionals that are a part of our teams in other locations and participate in innovative projects for technological giants”, said Elena Marinova, president of Musala Soft.


Almost all of the employees in the local team are graduates of the University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev” and the High School of Mathematics “Baba Tonka” and actively participate in the IT community in the region. Solid relationships with the university and the high school are built as well as with initiatives like Innovation camp “Teen Coin” Ruse, NASA International Space Apps Challenge, The national programming Olympiad and many more.


Everyone that wants to know more about the opportunities to work at Musala Soft can contact us at