Musala Soft Ruse 4th Birthday

29 Mar 2019

Musala Soft Ruse 4th Birthday Musala Soft Ruse 4th Birthday

Musala Soft Ruse celebrated its 4th birthday. The team in the Danube city has nearly 30 specialists, who are part of projects for major national and international companies. The technology focus of the Ruse team includes .NET and Java developers as well as a local Quality Assurance team.

Georgi Atanasov, Technology Solutions Director at Musala Soft celebrated with Ruse office, organizing an inspiring DevOps meeting. He shared with the Danube team: “DevOps is more than a concept, confidence and strive for process improvement. DevOps is a collaborative and technological improvement that optimizes performance and leads to stable systems and sustainable results. Similarly, thanks to the wonderful Musala Soft people, the teamwork and the innovative approach, we build a friendly company environment. Everyone evolves in the desired professional direction, and together we create quality software products and services. ”

Almost all employees of the local team are alumni of “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse and PMG “Baba Tonka”  and actively participate in the IT community in the region. Strong partnerships are established with the university and the high school, as well as initiatives such as the “Teen Coin” Ruse Innovation Camp, the NASA International Space Apps Challenge, the Republican Student Olympiad in Programming and others.