Musala Soft presented innovative practices at ISTA 2019

18 Nov 2019

Musala Soft presented innovative practices at ISTA 2019 Musala Soft presented innovative practices at ISTA 2019

Three Musala Soft team members took the stage as speakers at the 9th edition of the technology conference ISTA 2019 ( The company is one of the founders and organizers of the event, devoted to the latest trends in software development and test automation. The conference was held on 14th and 15th of November in Sofia. It gathered over 850 participants and had more than 25 international speakers sharing their knowledge and experience.


The session of Iancho Dimitrov, VP Innovation, Strategic Clients & Business Development was titled “Making (Business) Sense of Test Automation”. He shared his perspective on how to evaluate and justify the introduction of Test Automation in a project and how to make it a successful and sustainable initiative in the long-term. Iancho has more than 20-year experience in business and IT, currently focusing on how innovation works for corporate enterprises and on enterprise application of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies.


“Think beyond quality and make sure you manage the costs, benefits and risks of your test automation initiative. Test automation is not about just finding bugs – it is about providing actionable insight on the state of quality in an efficient and sustainable way”, said Iancho.


Georgi Atanasov, Director Technology Solutions at Musala Soft, spoke on the subject: “Fearless monolithic to microservices migration with Redhat Openshift container platform”. On it he talked about working with a team of software engineers, DevOps experts and software architects on the transformation of the self-care portal of the A1 Bulgaria telecom (see more about the project here: ).


“We do innovation that creates better experience for our customers”, said Georgi Atanasov


Angel Georgiev, Technical training lead at Musala Soft, spoke about “The Future of Education” and highlighted the importance of institutions, schools and companies in it. During his session Angel spoke about the strive for knowledge and personal development, giving examples form his more than 10-year experience of being a teacher and a trainer in technological companies

“Education must answer the question “Why? Why do I have study exactly this in school?”. The business holds this answer and shows different paths for development”, said Angel Georgiev, who is currently on a national tour in different schools, helping students to find reason why are they studying certain things and what could be their future professional path with his educational platform.