Musala Soft launches the “OLYMPIC HEROES” fund on its 20th Birthday

1 Apr 2020

Musala Soft launches the “OLYMPIC HEROES” fund    on its 20th Birthday Musala Soft launches the “OLYMPIC HEROES” fund    on its 20th Birthday

On the 1st of April the software company Musala Soft celebrates its 20th anniversary. We believe that birthdays are about giving, sharing and celebrating the future to come. We have continuously given back to the IT community ever since our first year, and we will continue to do so. Today we celebrate by creating the Musala Soft impact fund “Olympic heroes” to help the society of the best kids in Informatics in Bulgaria and North Macedonia to continue their development with minimal negative impact brought about by the crisis.


By donating, each of us gives access to financial aid to the teachers, helping to prepare the young Olympic talents for the big international Informatics tournaments. Teachers have the right to use the money for anything they need and for a period they decide. If they want and are able to, they can return money back to the fund for their colleagues to use when needed. Please contribute to our future here:

Musala Soft will DOUBLE all the money donated from now till April 10.


This is who we are!


On the 1st of April 2000 when we started Musala Soft, we had no idea what an adventure it will be. 20 years ago we imagined a small “SWAT team” working with .com companies in Silicon valley. We survived the .com crash, 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis, tens of governments, numerous client challenges, labour market stress and many more. Now, we are surviving COVID-19.


20 years later we are 500+ professionals from 10 different nations working in 4 development locations for impactful, trendsetting enterprises around the globe. We successfully fulfilled 1000+ projects for 200+ clients. All of them helped us grow the company and our people. We are thankful to all of them – the professionals we had the honor to work with for 20 years. Every one of them is part of Musala Soft DNA and contributed to our values: #innovation, #quality, #teamwork, #respect, #impact, #passion.




We easily predict the future, because we create it with our clients. They lead innovative multinational organisations which change the world. Together with them and their R&D departments we deliver technological solutions which change lives and industries on a global level. We make an impact combining technologies, innovation and people, transforming revolutionary ideas into everyday life. We do this by upgrading and developing all of the elements in developing a software solution – IT consulting, analysis, design, development, testing, delivering, integration and maintenance. We combine creativity, years of expertise and knowledge how to deliver a service with high added value in geographically distributed teams.




From its very creation Musala Soft’s philosophy and goals have been to invest in innovation on all levels – in our approach to clients, our business processes, the labour market, as well as building highly skilled teams of complementary personalities. In order to provide our clients with quality and added value, we have created an inspiring corporate culture of shared values, a friendly environment and healthy competition which stimulate development, creativity, empathy, freedom to share knowledge, ideas and good practices.




Our clients achieve success by working together with Musala Soft and we continue to grow thanks to the rich portfolio of these satisfied clients. Quality and on-time delivery of the end product, with the proper attitude towards the client, are our work principles. They have proven stable over time and are appreciated by our clients. Our relationships are not bound by the “Client/Contractor” stereotype, but are transformed into long-term partnerships. We have decade-long successful partnerships with 60% of our current clients and 80% of our income is from long-term partnerships. Our culture is a mixture of constructive competition and mutual aid which transform the shared knowledge into success! We have 60+ prestigious awards, recognition for business innovations, our people strategies and CSR.


Today we are not able to celebrate together, but we can bring smiles from a distance. Follow us on Facebook/Musala Soft for updates and surprises, and you can also download our festive Viber stickers with our favorite character Musalenko here.