Musala Soft Expert to Speak at EuroSTAR 2018 Conference

19 Apr 2018

Musala Soft Expert to Speak at EuroSTAR 2018 Conference Musala Soft Expert to Speak at EuroSTAR 2018 Conference

Our experienced Software Test Architect  Nevin Koteva will speak at the EuroSTAR 2018 Software Testing Conference in the Hague on November 12-15.

In her presentation “Automating physical interaction for IoT” she will explain how we could keep up with the speed of integration of new Smart connected devices and in the same time ensure overall quality in an IoT project. Nevin will outline the software and hardware dependencies within an IoT project and their accompanying challenges. The presentation will include a demo of two automation solutions used for simulating physical device interaction and also a comparative analysis of the two approaches – software vs. hardware.

Nevin is a Software Test Architect at Musala Soft with 8 years of professional experience in the area of software testing and Quality Assurance. She has been part of teams delivering products in various business domains – Financial services, Healthcare and most recently Internet of Things.

Since joining Musala Soft almost 3 years ago she has been part of the Smarthome initiative of Deutsche Telekom – Qivicon ( as automation QA engineer. Her main responsibilities within the team are development and maintaining of an Automation framework for the Qivicon platform – this is a Connected Home product combining Smart connected devices from different manufacturers into a common gateway centric solution that allows its customers to manage their homes remotely.

The EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference in an annual event organized by EuroSTAR – an independent and all-inclusive community where European software testers can collaboratively work towards evolving their profession while fulfilling their professional potential. EuroSTAR welcomes testers through a thriving annual conference and online platform called Huddle. The event is a high-energy, fun and friendly celebration of the craft of testing in Europe.