Musala Soft Developed Humanoid Robot for DSK Bank

3 Nov 2017

Musala Soft Developed Humanoid Robot for DSK Bank Musala Soft Developed Humanoid Robot for DSK Bank

Musala Soft Team developed the software for theĀ first humanoid robot on the Balkan Peninsula that will present DSK products and services in the bank`s offices. The innovative customer service solution is first of its kind in the banking sector.

The integration of Pepper at DSK bank is a project that follows Musala Soft strategy for innovating business, technologies and consumer experience and corresponds to the high-end needs and the pioneering approach of the financial institution.

The cute robot called Pepper made its debut on November 2nd at the highly technological office of DSK Bank in Serdica Center, Sofia. The Japan-originating robot can speak, move and react to the behavior of the person standing opposite him. Anyone can interact with Pepper naturally and intuitively thanks to the robot`s artificial intelligence that can capture and respond to a series of human emotions.

Pepper knows quite well the service portfolio of DSK bank and, a as real consultant, by means of the integrated tablet at the front, can inform clients about the loans, transactions, banking cards, money transfers, online banking, mobile banking and other services.

Along with the useful information, however, Pepper has a number of fun features like dancing, telling stories or posing for a selfie.