Musala Soft Climbing Up in ICT Top 100

11 Jul 2018

Musala Soft Climbing Up in ICT Top 100 Musala Soft Climbing Up in ICT Top 100

Musala Soft is improving its positions on the IT market in Bulgaria ranking higher in this year`s ICT Top 100 Business Chart announced on July 9th. The ceremony was organized by ICT Media, the leading technology publisher in Bulgaria.

The event was held at Sofia Airport Center and attended by representatives of the leading technology companies operating in the country.

Musala Soft is now in Top 5 of the software developers in Bulgaria and is the 8th biggest employer in the IT sector.

The company is still among the 10 biggest software companies in Bulgaria in terms of revenue for 2017. Also, Musala Soft is climbing up in the ranking of the biggest exporters of software services and keeps its positions among the biggest IT outsourcing services providers.

“We are proud that the results of our efforts and the success of our growth and development strategy are becoming more and more visible. We owe our improving positions in the sector to our experts and excellent team that we keep upgrading with our well structured and tailored training system; we owe it to our partners whose trust we keep winning with every new challenging project; we owe it to the innovations that we implement at all levels and to the fact that we always aim to be as agile and creative аs possible in the development of complex software solutions with high added value“, said Delyan Lilov, CEO of Musala Soft.

Musala Soft has a well developed portfolio of projects in the hottest fields of IT. Over 90% of the company revenue is generated from its long-term partnership with strategic clients – leading international enterprises in the areas of ICT, Telecom, Finance, government institutions, etc. The company has managed to diversify its portfolio so that none of its clients is critical. About 20% of the revenue of Musala Soft comes from IoT projects, 27% of Big Data & Analytics projects and over 10% from Cloud & Cloud Integration projects. The development of standard and extremely important corporate IT systems comprises about 30% of the revenue.

At the annual staff meeting in April 2018, Musala Soft announced that in the last year over 170 new specialists of different levels have joined the company team which surpasses 550 people in the middle of 2018. The plans are for the team to reach 1,000 people by 2020. Over 70% of Musala Soft employees are experienced professionals and the juniors are just 16%. The company is offering diverse training opportunities related to different technologies, processes and soft skills. Based on feedback analysis by team leaders, trainings are customized for all levels in the company, as tailored as possible to the specific skills required for different positions. In 2017, the company has done 80+ internal trainings.

Musala Soft is doing active research to open a new location where to attract IT talent – a necessary step  which will allow it to keep growing in a sustainable manner. Among the goals is to open at least one new location by 2020.

Key values to Musala Soft are good and efficient teamwork, regular and open feedback and knowledge sharing. The company is working to have strong teams and encourages innovative thinking and ideas.

During the past year, Musala Soft has received local and international recognition for its successful and highly efficient business and human resource practices and social projects. The company is “National Winner” at European Business Awards 2017/18 in “The Workplace Engagement and People Development Award”. Musala Soft was chosen among 2,898 businesses selected in “Ones to Watch” list at the previous stage of the contest in a list of excellent business practices published in December 2017. The company received an award in the “Employee of the year” category at Forbes Business Awards 2017 and was also acknowledged for its economic relations with Bavaria in May 2017 by the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. This year Musala Soft has kept its position in the Capital 100 Chart of the biggest companies operating in Bulgaria.