Musala Soft Acknowledged at European Business Awards 2017/18

24 May 2018

Musala Soft Acknowledged at European Business Awards 2017/18 Musala Soft Acknowledged at European Business Awards 2017/18

Musala Soft represented Bulgaria at the Grand Final of Europe’s biggest business competition – the European Business Awards 2017/18 in Warsaw, Poland on May 22nd-23rd.

Musala Soft has reached the final after being chosen as a “National Winner” by independent judges from a list of almost 3,000 businesses named “Ones to Watch” last year. The European Business Awards created the list after a review of over 110,000 European companies.

The category in which Musala Soft was recognized – The Workplace and People Development Award recognizes the achievements of the organizations which, in the opinion of the judges, best demonstrate that its human resource is truly engaged with the aims of the organization through a holistic values based strategy that seeks to sustain organizational performance improvement through investment in the recruitment, personal and skills development and motivation of every individual employee.

“We are happy to be at the final of this prestigious and biggest in Europe business competition. We are confident that we deserve high international recognition for the results that we have achieved in the development of our employees, the creation of a positive competitive working environment which stimulates good teamwork and self-improvement, for the comfort of our professionals and as a whole – for the highly efficient and well-functioning strategy for human resource development, as this is our most valuable asset“, said Delyan Lilov, founder and CEO of Musala Soft.

The two days event included a number of seminars and workshops lead by prominent experts in different business areas from around Europe. Many renowned scientists, politicians, diplomats, and over 500 business leaders from Europe`s most successful organizations attended the event, many of them being in the jury.

The European Business Awards’ primary purpose is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe. For further information about the event please go to