Meet The Masters Conference 2018 in Skopje

19 Nov 2018

Meet The Masters Conference 2018 in Skopje Meet The Masters Conference 2018 in Skopje

Meet The Masters Conference 2018 in Skopje took place on 17.11.2018 in City Hall CENTER in Skopje.

“Meet the Masters” is a series of seminars tailored to improve the skills of the active software professionals. The series is a new, more dynamic and focused format that replaces the famous Muffin Conference.

Delyan Lilov, CEO at Musala Soft gave a welcome speech at the official opening ceremony. At the ceremony were the honorary Ambassador of Republic of Macedonia in Bulgaria, Marjan Gjorcev and Ambassador Daniela Boudinova, Interim Ambassador of Republic of Bulgaria in Macedonia.

Meet The Masters Conference brought together hundreds of professionals from different levels in IT. The event is organized by Musala Soft for the seventh consecutive year. The keynote of the conference was the master in OSGi and IoT – Peter Kriens.

Peter is a very experienced developer who worked since the eighties for a large number of international companies like Ericsson, Intel, Adobe, etc. helping these companies in their, at the time, object oriented software development. In 1998 he lead the Ericsson team to develop the OSGi specifications for a home gateway. In 2001 he became the specification editor and technical director of the OSGi. A very large number of novel concepts in today’s OSGi were initiated and developed by him. In this capacity he consulted companies and gave many presentations world wide. His favorite work is still writing the actual code of working systems.

Based on his professional experience, he shared what is the definition of IoT, what are the specific problems for IoT software (size, updates, dynamism, drivers, remote, security, devices, sensors, actuators, control loops, rules, protocols). Pittfals (enterprise mindset, software evolution, multiple versions in the field, …), the IoT Architecture, OSGi, Implementations: OpenHAB, Qivicon, SMA, and others and of course there was time for Q & A from the audience.

The other lecturers were Delyan Lilov, CEO at Musala Soft, Aleksandar Ubavkov, Regional Manager at Musala Soft, and Robert Pavlov, Delivery Manager at Musala Soft were talking about Top Software Delivery pitfalls and how to tackle them.

Mito Belopeta, Senior Software Engineer at Musala Soft shared how to think declaratively and how to do it in a very simple way. Nevin Koteva, Software Test Architect was talking about Automating physical interaction for IoT. At the end of the conference we had a discussion panel about Java vs. .NET with Nikola Damov,  Associate Software Architect and Goran Stanoev, Team Leader at Musala Soft.

Big Thank You to all participants, sponsors, lecturers and Musala Soft team for being part of the event.

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