Connected World Discussion Seminar by MUFFIN

26 Jul 2017

Connected World Discussion Seminar by MUFFIN Connected World Discussion Seminar by MUFFIN

On July 25th, 2017 in the lovely surroundings of an open air pool and sunbeds lounge area, Musala Soft organized Connected World Discussion Seminar. The most prominent Engineers, Project Managers, Software Architect and Тest Managers of the company, as well as external expert developers gathered to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the fields of Connected Cars and Connected Home.

Kraicho Kraichev, Director Engineering and Stanislav Botev, Project Manager at Musala Soft, presented about the global achievements in the area of Connected Cars, the different levels of autonomy in cars and their main specifics. The lecturers marked the current trends and made an outline for the expected future innovations in the area.

The rest of the presentations were dedicated to Connected Home with an accent on the leading projects of the company in this field – Qivicon and openHab. Hristo Gergov, Test Manager and Petyo Dimitrov, Software Architect at Musala Soft presented the world leading trends in IoT and the Connected Home projects that the company is developing. Dimitar Ivanov, Team leader at Musala Soft, presented the open source automation software openHab and the company developments in this field.

Connected World will also be the main topic of the upcoming MUFFIN Conference on October 14th in Sofia and on October 28th in Skopje.

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